English Presentation Award (EPA) 対象演題募集について 

日本組織培養学会では、会員の国際的発信能力の増進を奨励し本学会の活性化を図ることを目的に、English Presentation Award(EPA)の授与を行っています。

1. Applicants must meet the following criteria
 Must be a member of the Japanese Tissue Culture Association at the time of application.
 Must be the first author of the presentation to be presented at the 94th Annual Meeting.
 Must not have received an EPA before.

2. Application
 When submitting an abstract, indicate that you are applying for EPA and write the abstract in English.

3. Deadline of application.
 Same as the deadline for general abstract submission.

4. Presentation
 Oral presentation in English

English Presentation Award (EPA) 規定

The criterion for English Presentation Award(EPA)

The participants who wish to compete for EPA should submit the abstract under the category of EPA.